mardi 10 mai 2011

Royal Wedding: Most elegant and attractive guests - the results

The royal wedding got the world talking. And everyone had their own opinion about which of the guests looked the best or what was the high point of the day.

We wanted to know what our readers had to say, and asked them to vote on who they thought trumped in the style stakes as well as their favourite moments.
And you were eager to make your opinions known, clicking in your thousands. By the close more than 30,000 votes had been cast.

Most elegant guest

While the radiant bride was obviously the centre of attention, our readers also had eyes for Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco.

The North African beauty - dressed in a pale pink and gold kaftan, the traditional clothing of her native country - easily triumphed in our most elegant woman competition, gaining 55 percent of our readers' votes. 

Pippa Middleton won the nation's heart as she supported her sister throughout the day. She also captured our readers' attentions, coming in second.

The battle for third place was closely fought with Charlene Wittstock - who is due to marry Prince Albert of Monaco this July - and Princess Letizia neck and neck most of the way.

In the end Charlene's grey-blue structured coat-dress won by one percent leaving the Spanish princess to take fourth place in her dusky pink gown.

Princess Victoria of Sweden came in fifth, looking lovely in a long-sleeved peach Elie Saab creation. 

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

j'ai suivi le vote, c'est dingue c'est à croire que le palais royal avait mobilisé ses troupes pour la faire gagner, c'tait d'un ridicule
il y 136 pages, 90% etait des messages de marocains, lalla salma a du être vexé par l'article du telegraph et a exigé de sortir premiére de ce vote, le palais a obéit, pathétique

DEZMOND a dit…

Lalla Salma was by far most beautiful and most elegant, presenting the most profound mix of modern style (in shoes) and exotic tradition (in the caftan).

Anonyme a dit…

j'ai trouvé son look excessif, du doré, et encore du doré, la robe brodé de doré, les chaussures dorés, la ceinture en or, les grosses boucles d'oreilles, le gros collier, comme dirait nos amis british, "too much" pour un mariage de jour

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